Win $10,000 by Playing Palmerbet's FREE AFL Tipping Comp

You could win $10,000 just by playing Palmerbet's FREE AFL tipping competition, called AFL Last Man Standing!

Fancy yourself as an awesome AFL tipster? Well play Palmerbet’s Last Man Standing AFL tipping competition and you could win $10,000. It’s absolutely free to play and will add extra fun to the footy season! ‘AFL Last Man Standing’ is based on all matches played in the 2015 AFL season. The Comp will start from the 2nd of April (the day of the first AFL game of this year) and end when there is only one player left! The elimination process gives this Palmerbet Sporting Special the feel of a sudden death final… Lose… And your season is over.

How to Play

For the first 12 rounds of the AFL season, you’ll need to correctly select just one head to head result per round to advance; however you only have one choice per week. For example from the opening round you could choose Carlton to beat Richmond, or Hawthorn to beat Geelong or any one winner from any other match. If your selection is right you’ll move onto week 2 but if you’re selection is wrong, you’ll be eliminated.

The Competition kicks up a gear from round 13 onwards when you’ll need to choose just one Line result for each round. For example if Sydney are -11.5 points to beat Brisbane and you choose them, the Swans will need to win by 12 for you to remain alive. Visa Versa if you back Brisbane with an 11.5 point head start; the Lions can only lose by 11 or less for you to stay in the competition. Line Betting will increase the difficulty and sort out the good tipsters from the great ones.

When you go to make your selection each week (provided you’re still in the competition that is) you’ll see the number of other players still remaining and the number of people who’ve been sent packing. If you’re the last person left, you’ll pick up 10,000 bucks! If after 23 rounds there’s more than one person left; the competition will continue into the AFL finals until there’s an outright winner. In the event of more than one player still remaining after the Grand Final, those left will share the $10,000; while if five people are left before a round and all five make a wrong selection, they’ll also share in the money, getting $2,000 each.

Rules and Registration

Firstly you’ll need to sign up with Palmerbet in order to register for “AFL Last Man Standing” and just for doing so, the Bookmaker will welcome you with up to $250 in free bets when you first deposit. Once you’ve registered for the competition you’ll need to remember to make your selection before the first game of the round kicks off each week. You’ll automatically be eliminated, if you fail to do so. Remember you only get one choice per round so choose wisely; however you can change your pick as many times as you want up until before the first match of the round begins.

With the opening game of the AFL season to be played this Thursday night, there isn’t much time to left to be a part of this fun Palmerbet Promotion. So what are you waiting for? Get involved today and instead of tipping for pride in the work place, tip for ten large!