Win a Share in $100,000,000 With William Hill

You could share in 100 Million Dollars just by predicting where all 18 teams will finish the AFL regular season, thanks to William Hill.

Fancy having a crack at winning 100 million dollars? Or at the very least sharing in that whopping amount of money? Well with William Hill Australia you can do exactly that. It’s all thanks to the Bookmaker’s ‘Pick the Ladder’ Promotion ahead of the coming AFL season. And for around the same price as a schooner at your local, you might just win enough money to bath in beer for the rest of your life…

‘Pick the Ladder’ Explained

William Hill’s ‘AFL Pick the Ladder’ special offers punters a chance to correctly select the order of how the teams will finish the regular season in 2015. Basically you have to pick from 1-18 in the exact order of how the ladder will look after round 23 and if your selection is correct then you’ll share in $100,000,000 with others who’ve also successfully guessed the ladder. If nobody else gets it and you’re the only winner… Well then you’ll have more money than you’ll know what to do with it! Getting it right with just turn could be very tough indeed, that’s why William Hill clients are able to have 100 attempts each. It costs just $5 per attempt meaning a maximum you can spend on the offer is $500. You can select the ‘Pick the Ladder’ special from William Hill’s Promotions area of their site and it’ll take you to a page with all 18 teams ready for you to put in order of how they’ll finish this season (not including the finals). Simply drag you options up or down the screen depending on what positon you think they should go.

How Will You Decide?

William Hill has helped us out a little already by placing the teams in the order they came last year and also by putting their Premiership price up, to give people an idea of who’s expected to do well and who’s been backed to flunk in the class of 2015. Now you can take notice of this information if you wish or you can simply ignore it and go with you own opinions. Perhaps this is a chance for all those ‘physics’ out there to prove they have ‘powers.’ Look into your crystal ball… What is it showing?

You might be an avid AFL fan who has a pretty good idea of where some clubs will finish and with a little luck you could be spot on with your selections. Or you could have no idea about the sport at all i.e. anyone not From Australia, and you may want to simply guess like you are playing the Lotto. For $5 it’s a bit of fun, you can even choose clubs by colours or names. It’s your choice and nobody will know who’s right or wrong till the very end of the season.

If you want to get involved and you’re not a William Hill member, there’s no need to panic the closing date for the promotion isn’t until April 17, after the first two rounds of the year. Simply sign up with William Hill via Freebets Australia and not only will you be able to have a go at predicting the AFL ladder, but the bookmaker will also welcome you with up to $500 in free bets! Full Terms and Conditions of the ‘Pick the Ladder’ offer can be found on William Hill’s promotions page, but if you’re a South Australian resident don’t bother reading them because unfortunately you’re excluded from this special. For everyone else though… Good luck and enjoy the AFL season!