Tom Waterhouse's Revolutionary Live Betting Service

Enjoy live betting by clicking rather than dialing digits, thanks to Tom Waterhouse's revolutionary new product.

Love live betting but hate talking to operators over the phone? It’s not that you don’t like the person on the other end of the telephone, (after all they are helping you) it’s just that you wish live betting in Australia was as simple as placing wagers prior to the event starting. Well wish no longer, Tom Waterhouse is your very own genie in a bottle and he’s made your live betting dream come true. Tom’s terrific new product makes betting live easier than ever before!

How ‘Click to Call’ with Tom Waterhouse Functions

Tom’s revolutionary service goes by the name ‘Click to Call’ and it makes punters live betting experience faster, simpler and extremely convenient. No More phone calls, no more double digit dialling; all that is required to bet on events already underway is a computer. You’ll need to make sure your microphone on your computer is enabled and you allow microphone access to the Tom Waterhouse Website. This can be done by adjusting your browser permission once you’re on the Bookmaker’s web page. After this process you’ll be ready to click to call.

5 Fast Steps for ‘Click to Call’

After you’ve found the live event/ market you’re looking for click the odds and the stake you wish to wage. Next, click “Call to Place Live bet.” If you’ve already ensured your browser is allowing you to use the Microphone you’ll be given 3 selections to choose from. Option 1 is ‘Cancel’ which you can click to abandon the bet. Option 2 is ‘Confirm’ hit this and your bet will be placed and your receipt generated. The third option ‘Replay’ allows to your to listen to your bet and odds via audio. If you like what you hear… Then click ‘confirm’ and just like that you’ve placed a live wager without speaking to a single person.

Need Help Working out ‘Click to Call?’

Seriously the hardest part of live betting with Tom Waterhouse is working out whether you’re microphone is enabled… and that’s easily achievable. If you’re not exactly up to speed on the technological game get one of your kids to get you up and running, and once they’ve set you up you’ll be able to place live bets regularly as the settings will stay the same. Need more help? Click the following link to be taken through a step by step process of enabling your microphone, as well as all you need to know about clicking to call with Tom Waterhouse.

Once you begin betting live with Tom Waterhouse you won’t be bothered if you miss the kick-off of a footy match or the opening bounce of an AFL encounter. Wagering on games going is now stress-free (apart from waiting on the result of your bet that is). If you want to enjoy the quickest way to bet live with Australian Bookmakers join Tom Waterhouse and start clicking to call.