Stay in Control with Sportbet's 'Cash Out' Option

Sportbet's new 'Cash Out' feature is proving popular with punters who want to take their money and run. Take charge of your bet once it's been placed with Sportsbet.

Sportsbet have and only gone and done a very sporting gesture! The Bookmaker is allowing punters to claim their money before their bets have even finished. It’s called ‘Cash Out’ and the new feature is proving pretty popular with Sportsbet members.

Every punter has had at least one “well that’ll do me” moment when their wager’s gone out the window thanks to a goal in the fifth minute of injury time or a freakish try on the full time siren in the NRL. A “how did that even happen” scenario when the sixth and final leg of your multi has lost when the first five selections safely landed. You know the “can’t lose” leg… Until it does because Bangladesh have just beaten England in the cricket. It’s times like these you wished you could have cashed in your bet a littler earlier…. Well with Sportsbet’s Cash Out service now you can take the money and run.

Cash Out Explained

Sportsbet’s Cash Out feature puts account holders in charge of their bet by offering members a payout at any stage after it’s been placed and before the event it’s on ends. Immediately after bets with the Cash Out option available are placed, members will be offered a cash out value. That value will then will fluctuate as the odds of your bet increase and decrease. For example in a single bet, if you back the Broncos to beat the Raiders and Brisbane lead by 10 points at half time the value will be closer to your original profit as your bet looks like it will win. However if Canberra are in front at half time the odds of your bet winning are now higher and what you can cash out will be smaller than the original wager placed.

Cashing Out also allows you to back out of a multi if you don’t have the balls to see it through! And let’s face it… sometimes we’d rather have small nuts and a big bundle of cash then be the big man and end up with nothing. If you’ve got a multi on and three of the four legs have won before the final leg starts then your cash out value will be much higher than if halfway through that same multi your final leg is letting you down.

How to Cash Out with Sportsbet

Right you’re not stupid, that’s enough explaining! You get how it works but you want to know which bets are available for cash out and which aren’t. Sportsbet may expand their Cash Out Markets down the track but at the moment the following sports markets are your choices.

• Australian Rules – match betting

• Cricket – ODI match betting

• Soccer matches – win-draw-win

• Rugby League – head to head

• US Basketball – match betting

Basically if you see a market with what looks like a bank note hanging over the top, it can be cashed out! To cash out online simply click on your Bets History. Select the pending bet your wish to cash out. Click the BIG GREEN button that says ‘Cash Out’ and then click confirm. Some simple rules to remember: Any bet placed can be cashed out online except live bets placed over the phone. Any live bet placed over the phone can only be cashed out over the phone. Cash Out is not applicable when a bonus bet has been selected and Multi bets can only be cashed out when every selection in it is available to cash out.

If you haven’t got an account with Sportsbet, sign up today and start taking advantage of this excellent new feature. The Bookmaker will even welcome you with up to $250 in free bets just for joining via Freebets Australia. From now on there’s no need to sweat, instead cash out with Sportsbet.