Special Markets and Power Bets for Punters who want the Power!

How Centrebet's Power Bets and Sportingbet's Special Markets provide enhanced odds on top sporting events in Australia and around the world!

If punters had the Power they’d boost the odds on every bet they make! Unfortunately though it doesn’t work like that! However Centrebet’s Power Bet offers regularly provides punters with an opportunity to get enhanced odds on top sporting events in Australia and around the world. So do Sportingbet’s Special Markets which work exactly the same way; once again boosting odds on certain wagers for various sports.

Explaining These Offers

A Centrebet Power Bet or Sportingbet Special will bump up the odds on a certain market for a specific event. For example if the NRL markets win score combination for ‘Greg Inglis to get a try and South Sydney to beat the Canberra Raiders’ is around $2.25 these two offers will boost those odds to something like $3. Giving punters a juicer price should they wish to place that wager via the bookmakers’ promotions pages.

These great offers are also available on some of the most watched competitions across the globe. Often these two bookmakers will provide Power Bets and Special Markets on the English Premier League. For Example if Manchester City were facing Chelsea they pair might throw up an offer for ‘both teams to score but Chelsea to win’ the boosted odds could be up to a few bucks more than other bookmakers not offering a promotion on the match.

Take advantage of Power Bets and Special Markets

First things first if you haven’t signed up with Sportingbet and Centrebet than you should do so immediately! Not only can you take advantage of these 2 great offers but you can get up to $700 in free bets if you join both bookmakers now. Then simply visit their web sites regularly and continually check their promotions pages to see what Centrebet Power Bets and Sportingbet Special Markets are being offered. Then it’s as easy as clicking on the boosted odds, placing your stake and waiting to hopefully collect your winnings.

Quick Tips for Power Bets and Special Markets

Sometimes Centrebet’s Power Bets and Sportingbet’s Special Markets are only available for a certain number of customers; for example the first 1000 members to get on, so don’t delay when you see them up! Each punter’s allowed one bet per market but remember there may be more than one offer on at the same time. And each individual offer will have its own maximum bet limit you can stake. These wager limits generally range from $25 to $100.

Enhanced odds will always catch a punters eye because there’s nothing like bagging a bonus your winnings. So jump on Centrebet’s Power Be and it’ll be more power to you and get an extra special feeling when you’ve backed a winner with Sportingbet’s Special Markets.