Rule Roland Garros with Many Multi Bets

Make multi betting on the French Open a priority because you'll win 25% extra on successful wagers with Tom Waterhouse.

The French Open is in full swing with Paris providing plenty of top tennis action! Tom Waterhouse’s top tennis offer on Roland Garros is providing plenty of punters an opportunity to win big on the second Grand Slam of the year. With the tournament taking place till June 7 you have a ton of time to place your tennis bets with Tom and earn extra if you win!

Tom’s French Open Offer

Tom Warehouse is offering a 25% bonus on all 4 or more leg French Open Multis. The maximum extra winnings will be capped at $100 but there is no limit to the number of multis a punter can place. To qualify for the Bonus your multi must have more than 3 selections but not exceed 12 legs and its minimum final odds must equal $6 or greater. The legs can be made up from any matches played at the French Open.

Making a Multi

Coming up with your multi can be as simple selecting 4 head to heads bets and clicking confirm (as long as the you’ve hit those $6 odds required). Whether you mix Men’s matches with Women’s contests is entirely up to you! If you back a bunch of short price favourites you may require numerous legs, but keep your bet slip under 13 selections and you’re good to go. As well as straight out win bets there are plenty of other markets to wager on, whether it be ‘set betting’ for example Andy Murray to win his match 3 sets to love or Maria Sharapova to win her match 2-1. You’ll obviously get bigger odds if you can correctly pick the match score-line rather than just who’ll win. You may also like to wager on under and over ‘total game scores’ in a match. How you make you multi is completely your choice… just make it a winner!

Become a Tom Waterhouse member and make Multi Betting on the French Open a priority because an extra quarter on your odds is too good to refuse. So go on, enjoy this great Grand Slam special.