Pick Your Own Odds at Bookmaker.com.au

Bookmaker.com.au has a nifty new feature where punters can pick their own odds on Australian Horse and Harness Racing. That's right choose the price your runner to be!

When was the last time a bookie let you pick your own odds? Can you ever recall a moment when you wrote your own price for a horse down on a piece of paper and handed it over? Unfortunately it just doesn’t happen that way… Unless you bet with bookmaker.com.au that is!

‘Pick Your Own Odds’ Explained

‘Pick Your Own Odds’ is an exclusive feature offered by bookmaker.com.au and a great new way to bet on Harness and Thoroughbred racing. The promotion allows punters to name their price on Australian races with fixed odds. Members simply select what odds they want for a runner and the bookmaker will return a winning margin that selection must be victorious by. If that horse wins by more than that margin, bookmaker.com.au will pay the dividend chosen by the customer. But that’s not the only way to bump up the odds on a runner you believe is ready to race well. Instead of choosing their odds, bookmaker.com.au clients can also select a horse’s winning margin, and the bookmaker will boost the odds with every added step the horse has been backed to win by.

How to ‘Pick Your Own Odds’

The ‘Pick Your Own Odds’ tab will be present on any race available for the offer! Simply click it then find the runner you wish to back. As you hit the positive sign you’ll see the odds increase, but so will the margin of victory. Likewise you can increase how much the horse will win by and you’ll see the price improve. The minimum selection to win by is ‘more than half a length’ while the maximum goes all the way up to ‘ten lengths.’ Remember the selection will say ‘more than’ a specific length, so if you’ve backed a horse to win by MORE than 1 length your bet won’t be successful if your runner is victorious only by a single length. There may be plenty of close calls but official results will confirm the winning margin.

Why Pick Your Own Odds

This feature adds fun to those races that everyone knows what the outcome will be. Sometimes it’s just not worth betting on a $1.10 favourite even though you’re certain it’s going to be first past the post. But if it’s a classy galloper get on it to win with ease and watch that tiny price grow. It gives punters a chance to put their faith in the favourites while still being able to receive a decent dividend. There’s always that midweek race where some debut thoroughbred stuns everyone and wins by 8 or so lengths… Well now you can put a cheeky tenner on it.

So sign up with bookmaker.com.au and starting picking your own price for once. The firm will even give you up to $250 in free bets when you join via Freebets Australia and deposit into your account. Then pick your race, pick your margin or odds and pick up a big win!