Hayne Plane: Can He Fly In The NFL or Will It Be A Crash-Landing?

Former NRL superstar Jarryd Hayne has officially flown the nest with the announcement he has his sights set on entering the NFL in the US

Jarryd Hayne has officially flown the nest – a story that has rocked the NRL and resulted in massive intrigue. The former NRL superstar now has his sights set on entering the NFL in the US.

Without any concrete plans on how he will approach one of the most incredibly competitive sporting leagues in the world, everyone is waiting eagerly to find out where Hayne will end up.

Hayne’s surprise departure

Arriving in Los Angeles over the past weekend, Hayne’s departure was a surprise to all. Hayne joined a meeting between his agent Wayne Beavis and Parramatta Eels Chief Executive Scott Seward to break the news, skimping out on the rest of his contract.

In an open letter to his team, Hayne explains that this is his last chance to live his dream, and with a seemingly heavy heart, he pledges his allegiance to the Eels. Hayne also revealed at a press conference prior to leaving that he will be focusing on training.

Along with his trainer Hayden Knowles and a couple of friends, Hayne has jetted off with ambition and talent on his side. Knowles, who has been training Hayne for most of his career, has high hopes for the star player. The two will be working closely to ensure that Hayne is able to continue developing his skills.

With high admiration for the NFL, Hayne made the shocking decision to forgo his success in the NRL. Despite rumours about the NRL paying key players to stay in the code, it appears that they weren’t able to keep this superstar under their belts.

The superstar enters a new arena

The two-time Dally M Player of the Year Medallist has also managed to create insane publicity for the NRL, exposing it to masses of audiences. With several sites crashing as a result of this news, videos of Hayne playing have become a worldwide spectacle.

Based on a study trip funded by Parramatta recently, the Seattle Seahawks features a highlights package of Hayne’s amazing career with the Parramatta Eels. By the end of it, head coach Pete Caroll had high praise for his athleticism. Despite Caroll’s delight for the NRL, he has since confirmed that they have not made any offers to Hayne.

Unfortunately for Hayne, a former rule that allowed NFL franchises to add an international player to their 53-man roster no longer exists. Although it was never assumed that Hayne would need any help.

With 17 tries in his first 16 NRL starts, Hayne began his career with impressive scores. Leading up to just this year with overall great performance. His eight-year NRL career has resulted in stunning 14 awards. Hayne’s huge career has included 43 of the most tackle busts in the opposition 20, 26 most line breaks, 11 most line breaks from inside his own half, 15 most 30m+, 9 most 50m+ metre runs and 9 most 18m+ runs to earn his Dally M Player of the Year for 2014.

What’s next for Hayne

Proving that he has friends in all the right places, Hayne has managed to snag himself a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Hooked up by a friend of the commissioner, Hayne is in a good position to make a start. But if it should all turn sour, Seward has revealed that Hayne is still seen as part of the Eels, and is welcome back any time.

With everything seeming to fall in place for Hayne, it is expected that if he enters the NFL, he should expect to be targeted by rival NFL players. Accepting that it is part of the challenge, Hayne has expressed his complete preparedness to achieve his dream. Hayne is now looking to begin his training and transform himself and his body into that of a true NFL player.

In the meantime, Hayne has hired a television crew to film an access-all-areas documentary as he embarks on his journey into the NFL. The camera crew is set to follow Hayne and capture his everyday life.

For now, it is unknown how Hayne will fare in the US. With everything up in the air at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess what direction Hayne end up in. Will he make a soaring appearance into the NFL?