Crownbet's Nail-Biting NBA Playoffs Promotion

Games could go down to the wire during the NBA Playoffs but Crownbet's offer on every encounter will see punters refunded with a bonus bet if their selection blows a late lead.

After 1230 regular season matches 16 teams remain in the hunt to become the 2014/15 NBA Champions! The Playoffs should provide brilliant basketball and Crownbet’s promotion is providing punters with a second chance the sides involved don’t get. Back a team on Crownbet’s Head to Head market on any NBA Playoff game and if your selection is leading with 3 minutes remaining, but go on to lose, you’ll be refunded with a bonus bet. The bonus bet will equal your initial stake up to $50, with only your first wager on the head to head market per game valid for a refund.

Tight tussles and gripping games that go down to the wire are expected throughout the playoffs so this sensational special should come in handy. Punters will be hoping their selection stays calm in the pressure moments and get the all-important W no matter how. But if a buzzer beater sinks your bet you’ll at least get a shot at redemption if your team was in front with 180 seconds left on the clock.

The Playoffs

The Play offs are contested over 4 rounds with the winner of the East meeting the best of the West in the Grand Final Series. The NBA Championship decider is a best of 7 Games Series beginning on June 4. The Conference Final and Conference Semis are also potential 7 game match ups, while the first round of the playoffs sees teams compete in a best of 5 series. Round 1 pits the top team in their conference against the 8th placed team, 2nd plays 7th, 3rd battles 6th and 4th faces 5th. The winners advance to the semis where again rankings decide the match ups. Finally the two teams that advance from the semis contest the Conference Final with the side that triumphs awarded a shot at the NBA Championship against the other conference winner.

NBA Playoff Teams and Their Rankings:

Western Conference                         Eastern Conference

1. Golden State Warriors                    Atlanta Hawks

2. Houston Rockets                           Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Los Angeles Clippers                     Chicago Bulls

4. Portland Trail Blazers                     Toronto Raptors

5. Memphis Grizzlies                          Washington Wizards

6. San Antonio Spurs                         Milwaukee Bucks

7. Dallas Mavericks                            Boston Celtics

8. New Orleans Pelicans                    Brooklyn Nets

The San Antonio Spurs are the reigning Champions but who’ll be holding the trophy aloft in June? There’s plenty of games to go before we find out, which means plenty of opportunities for a bonus bet refund thanks to Crownbet’s Playoff Promotion. Sign up with the Bookmaker today and receive up to $150 in free bets, then start betting on basketball.