CrownBet's Competition Which Could make you a Millionaire with One Simple Kick

A Victorian CrownBet member will win a chance to kick for $1,000,000 at half time during Real Madrid's pre-season showdown with Man City at the MCG.

Australia’s ability to attract the world’s best football teams to its shores has never been better and by the back end of this month two colossal clubs will clash in a fantastic friendly in Melbourne. Ronaldo’s Real Madrid meet mega rich Manchester City on July 24 in a pre-season spectacle spectators are salivating for. But one lucky person will get a chance to earn a once off pay cheque that would make even some of the superstars on show envious, thanks to CrownBet’s Million Dollar Kick Competition. The Bookmaker will give one of their members a chance to win $1,000,000 just by booting a ball. Could it be you in the middle of the MCG shooting for an amazing pay day?


Million Dollar Kick Competition

CrownBet’s Million Dollar Kick Promotion is unfortunately only available for Victorian residents. For those who qualify, the next step is you have to be a CrownBet Member. If you’re not registered with the bookmaker already; you can sign up and take part in the competition for absolutely free. To enter, simply head to CrownBet’s promotional page, click on the Million Dollar Kick link and follow the prompts. The comp closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday July 22, with the winner announced the following day, ahead of the match on Friday. One CrownBet Client is allowed one entry.


Kick for Cash

The competition winner will walk out at half time of the exhibition match between Real Madrid and Man City at the MCG, knowing they could just be moments away from winning one million bucks. The participant will get three attempts to try and boot a ball through a hole worth $1,000,000. There will also be one hole worth the $10,000 and a third hole to the value of $5,000. The three kicks will be taken from a set distance and no warm up shots will be permitted.

Take a second to imagine yourself in the centre of Australia’s most ionic stadium. Around 90,000 fans with their eyes fixed solely on you, chanting your name as you aim to achieve a moment like no other! Could you produce some Messi Magic? Would you Rocket it like Ronaldo? Or calmly bend it like Beckham? Enter CrownBet’s Million Dollar Kick Competition for your shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity.