Bet365's Cash Out Feature - Keep in Control

Bet365’s Cash Out option lets punters to settle their bet while the event they wagered on is still going. It allows you to take a profit if your selection is doing well, or minimise any potential loss should you think your bet won't win.

There’s nothing worse than an injury time goal destroying what would have been a brilliant bet. Or one favourite in the footy letting down your 5 leg multi. You’re wager’s been worth it so far… You can almost taste success! But you can’t help feeling something’s about to happen to stop you from celebrating. With Bet365’s Cash Out option you can keep calm by collecting your winnings before the action is over.

Traditionally, once you’ve placed a bet, all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the outcome. However with Bet365’s Cash Out feature, punters have the opportunity to monitor their bets and cash out for a return when they choose. Now obviously the bookmaker isn’t going to give a big bundle of money if a bet is shot to pieces. The amount offered will be dependent on how a punter’s selection and or selections are performing at the time a Cash Out is requested. If the wager is looking like it will be successful than the return will be closer to the original return figure however a lower value will be offered if the bet isn’t looking as promising. Obviously the closer your bet gets to losing, the smaller your cash out return will be.

Some Cash Out Scenarios

You’ve backed Melbourne Victory to beat Sydney FC on the win draw win market in their A-League clash. If Sydney score early in the game (firstly BUMMER) but also you can still cash out but your return won’t be anywhere near your original number. The longer that match goes on without Melbourne scoring the lower your cash out value will get. If the Victory equalise than your return will increase however as you require them to win it still won’t be near to your original return when you placed the bet, especially if they’ve taken a long time to draw level. But suddenly Melbourne bang in another with 10 minutes to play. BOOM TIME!!! Now you’re bet is looking very good and if you were to cash out now you’d definitely get a value pretty close to your original winnings as the match is almost over and your bet has a high chance of being successful.

Bet365’s Cash Out option can also be great in a multi bet situation. You’ve backed Carlton, Geelong Essendon, Hawthorn and Sydney in an AFL multi. The first 4 have won over the weekend and you just need the Swans to win for a successful accumulator. If the Swans are very short favourites then you’ll already be able to cash out somewhere near to your original profit before the game begins. But if they’re say even money than you’d probably be looking at a cash out value that’s nearer to half your proposed returns. If Sydney start the game strong and boot plenty of early points your cash out value will increase but if they go behind and continue to trail it will decrease. Either way you’re able to cash out no matter the situation.

Basically Bet 365’s Cash Out feature allows you to take a profit if your selection is doing well, or minimise any potential loss should you think the bet is unlikely to result in a win. And once you’ve cashed out; your bet is settled and the final result relating to your wager has zero impact on the amount returned to your account.

How to Cash Out

Bet 365’s Cash Out option is available on selected pre-match markets on single and multiple bets for a number of sports including Basketball, Soccer, AFL and Tennis; and cashing out is extremely easy. After bets have been placed those eligible for cash out will be displayed in the My Bets section of your Bet Slip. Keep an eye on the My Bets section of your Bet Slip to see the amount being offered to cash out early. If you want to take the money and run all you need to do is click on the Cash Out button located beneath your selections. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that nobody here’s judging!

Being able to Cash Out with Bet365 is another great way to enjoy betting on sport. And at least when you’re waiting on your wager you’ll be in control of how much money you get back. They say good things come to those who wait, but then again the early bird gets the worm!