Each-Way First Goalscorers

The fantastic bet365 Each-Way First Goalscorer offer is now available to all new customers!

It’s a very simple: have an Each-Way First Goalscorer bet on any match, and be safe in the knowledge that if your player scores at any time during the game Bet365 will pay you out!

Each-Way bets are settled on all goalscorers at 1/3 odds for unlimited places in 90 minutes play.

Bet365 ‘Best Fluc’ – Best Odds from the Future

bet365 promotion - top fluc

Best Fluc, Top Fluc?  Sounds like lines from a new-age version of ‘Back to the Future’ right?  You know, the 80’s film with the DeLorean sports car which Doc Brown had turned into a time machine with the help of its ‘flux capacitor’.

Travel back just three years in time, let alone 30, and you would be laughing until the pee ran down the ankles if someone said to you: “One day you can place a bet and get paid your winnings at the best price your horse trades at.”

The future is here and bet365 is the trend setter.  The go-ahead online bookmaker now gives its customers a guarantee their winning bets will be paid out at the highest price fluctuation (best fluc) of the State Official Price as supplied by Dynamic Odds during the entire betting period.

This is a massive concession which can only serve to benefit punters.  It has no downside and only an upside – that being more winnings than you can normally expect to collect.

The why’s and when’s

The ‘Best Fluc’ horse racing promotion is only offered on selected Metropolitan race meetings only and there is a lot of common sense, but not restrictive, rules associated with the offer.  For example, if a race has a late scratching all bets will be paid as directed by stewards, this includes possible deductions on winning bets.

Best Fluctuation betting is only available until the first fixed odds price call comes through.  That is normally 30 minutes, approximately, before the advertised race start time. 

Additionally ‘Best Fluc’ – which is displayed as BF in the Fluc column of the bet365 race coupon – is only valid on the win part of bets.  If an Each-Way ‘Best Fluc’ bet is accepted it will have the Place portion of the wager placed at the tote derivative market available for that meeting.

And there is a generous limit on how much you can benefit from this excellent offer.  

The maximum payout for a ‘Best Fluc’ bet is $20,000 AUD.  Any winnings due to you above $20,000 will be paid out at the State Official Price (AKA, the SOP).

Bet365 – 18 years and into the future

With added betting bonuses and incentives such as ‘Best Fluc’ it is little wonder bet365 now boasts over ten million global customers, all acquired since the online bookmaker began operations in the year 2000.

Bet365 Racing Value – “Protest Promise”

bet365 promotion - racing value

Bet365’s ‘Protest Promise’ Safety Net Extraordinaire

Ever heard of Luke Aikins?  Thought not. In 2016 he entered the record books by jumped out of an airplane without a parachute, free falling for 25,000ft and then landed unharmed in a safety-net.  But, by definition, a safety-net is for safety, it is designed to save you when things go wrong.

At bet365 there’s no promises your next daring stunt will not go wrong but if any horse or harness bet does – and it is thrown out by the Stewards – their ‘Protest Promise’ guarantee gives you a safety net the likes of which Mr Aikins would truly appreciate.

That’s because bet365 pays you out as a winner if your ‘winning’ horse is disqualified by the Stewards.  What’s more if a result is amended those that backed the promoted horse also get paid out according to the official result.  

The excellent bet365 ‘Protest Promise’ applies to all Win and Place bets plus single race exotics such as: Trifectas, Quinellas, Exactas, First 4, Forecasts and Tricasts.  And this is not an Australia specific concession either; it applies to all Australasian horse and harness racing.

Main Terms and Conditions

When you are getting something for nothing it’s foolish to pick holes in free offers but do be aware bet365’s Protest Promise does not apply to any other bet types so strikeout Match Bets, Finishing Position Bets and Multi-Leg Exotics which includes Daily Doubles, Trebles and Quaddies. Futures or Ante-Post bets are also excluded.

Another key point amongst bet365’s Protest Promise Terms & Conditions is the offer only applying to official protests and not disqualifications, and that includes a horse weighing in incorrectly.

No limit dividends

There’s no limit to the amount of cash you can benefit from as a results of the bet365 Protest Promise concession and those winnings are worked out as follows:  

Win and Place returns will be calculated using the final declared dividend displayed on each TAB’s website. Returns on Trifectas, Quinellas, Exactas and First 4 of the upheld result will be paid in accordance with the interim dividend again displayed on each TAB’s website.

Better Chances – That’s A Promise

Protest Promise is just one of several fantastic horse racing offers that bet365 customers can enjoy on Australasian horse and harness racing.  Combined these concessions greatly increase your chances of getting a greater return – in this case any return – on your bets.

Get the Best Non-Metro Returns at with ‘365 Tote’

bet365 promotion - 365 Tote

Want the best returns on your horse racing winners guaranteed?  Head over to bet365 where, if you select ‘Tote Win’, you will receive the greatest returns from the State Official Price (SOP), NSW TAB, SuperTAB and UBET. This excellent concession is offered on all non-Metro Horse Racing apart from meetings where the ‘365 Best’ promotion is in place.

On any race and over a period of time the amount of extra winnings you will receive is incalculable.  Consider a winner paying $14 on the NSW TAB, $12.50 on the SuperTAB, $13 on the SOP but $16 on UBET. The difference between best – what you will be paid – and worst is almost 30%.  A serious bonus!

The ‘365 Tote’ concession does not apply to Futures/Ante-Post prices, Concession (Cover) Bets or In-Play prices. In the event of a scratching, deductions may apply should the SP be the highest final price. As ever, Dead-Heat rules apply.

‘365 Best’ is the Best of all Bookmaker Offers

bet365 promotion - 365 Best

US rock band Kiss always declare before their shows: “You wanted the best and you got the best!”  Many would disagree with that statement but few, if any, could dispute bet365’s ‘365 Best’ concession is one of the very best when it comes to bookmaker offers.

In a best odds guaranteed scenario bet365 now automatically give you the best Tote Win and Tote Place dividends of the three national Totes: NSW TAB and SuperTAB, UBET.  So, if NSW TAB pays $12.00 on your selection, SuperTAB pays $10.00, UBET pays 11.50 you will automatically get paid the $12.00 dividend!

The ‘365 Best’ offer is applicable to all Metropolitan and selected non-Metro Horse Racing but the concession does not apply to Futures/Ante-Post prices, Concession (Cover) Bets or In-Play prices. In the event of a scratching, deductions may apply should the SP be the highest final price. As ever, Dead-Heat rules apply.