Make a Million Margin Betting on the NRL and AFL with Ladbrokes

Play Ladbrokes Mega Margin NRL and AFL betting competition and you could win up to $1,000,000. Have a go each week!

Margin betting on Australia’s 2 big footy codes has been taken to a new level thanks to Ladbrokes Australia. Ladbrokes customers could receive up to $1,000,000 by simply selecting 6 winning margins from NRL and AFL matches nominated by the bookmaker. The life changing prize money is available every week while the footy seasons are on, so will you win big by betting on both codes?

Ladbrokes Mega Margin Promotion Explained

Ladbrokes Mega Margin Promotion is offering punters a chance to win ridiculous amounts of money each week, by wagering on a few footy margins. Ladbrokes will offer weekly 3 leg, 4 leg and 6 leg pools on each sport with Jackpots per group available to win. 3 leg pools will require customers to get all 3 margins correct, and the same rules apply for the tougher pools. Those who successfully get all 6 margins in the 6 leg pool, will also get a free chance to double their dough in a bonus pool.

There is no limit to how many margin wagers per match you’re allowed to make, meaning you can place multiple bets to better your chances at winning; obviously this though will mean you’ll outlay more money the more margin bets you do. Customer’s bets on each pool will go towards the final sum of prize money. This amount will then be shared between pool winners. If you’re the only you winner, you’ll take the lot while if nobody is victorious the money will carry over to the next competition.

How to Play

Firstly you’ll need to sign up with Ladbrokes to get involved in the bookmaker’s Mega Margin competition. Once you’re a member head to Ladbrokes promotion page and select which weekly pool you wish to partake in. Select your margins on the nominated games (remember as many or as few as you like) and let the fun begin. You can place your bets any time after the pool is loaded to right up until the kick off the first match of that corresponding pool.

Cashing in Your Pool Ticket

You’re participating in a 4 leg AFL pool and you’re still alive after the first 2 games. How confident are you of the remaining 2 games? If the answer is not very…. You can cash out! That’s right Ladbrokes will offer a cash out price on live entries while the pool is still in play. You can take all the money on offer and run, or cash out a percentage and still have a little something left in the pool. The higher your stakes of bets, the bigger cash out amount you’ll be offered. The cash out option will be offered between the period of a match finishing and the next one beginning.

If you already enjoy margin betting than you’ll love Ladbrokes promotion, while those who fancy some fun and a different way to wager, will also relish this chance to win a bucket load of cash. If you’re interested but want to know more before you play, click the following link to learn more.

Sometimes selecting margins is easy sometimes selecting margins is hard, but if you master margin betting at Ladbrokes you could be one very happy punter.